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10 practical tips to get your car ready for Fall

  • Check the brakes and tires. Inclement weather and associated road coniditions and other hazards require good stopping power. That means good brakes and tires.
  • Check the lights – walk around the outside of the car and check the operations of all lights: headlights, tailights.parking lights, brake lights, and emergency flashers.
  • Replace the wiper blades – the purpose of the wiper blades is to completely clear the windshield. Cracked or work blades won’t do an adequate job.
  • Have the battery checked – A fully charged battery is necessary to start the car in cold weather. If you see signs of corrsion on the battery or cables end we need to address that.
  • Inspect under the hood – Looking under the hood will allow you to identiy any obvious signs of wear or items that need to be replaced or fixed.
  • Change oil and filter
  • Check the coolant level
  • Check all fluid levels – this incudes washer fluid, along with transmission, brake power steering, transfer case, differentail front and rear if applicable. Make sure that are all at above the minimum safe levels and refill as necessary.
  • Make sure that the heater and defroster work – driving with an improperly working heater isn’t fun or safe. Check the front and rear window defrosters to ensure proper working conditions. If necessary, have heat and defroster systems repaired
  • Get a good car wash/ detail – Spiffing up your car with an extra wash or detail

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