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Discover the Path to Better Credit at Bill Robertson Nissan

Do you have concerns about financing a vehicle due to credit issues? We can help! At Bill Robertson Nissan, we specialize in subprime auto loans that can help you drive away in a Nissan while improving your credit score. Located conveniently near Tri-Cities, WA, we offer bad credit car loans designed for those seeking a fresh start. Apply online today and embark on the journey to rebuild your credit!

Benefits of Bad Credit Financing

Applying for financing not only offers you the chance to own a vehicle but also the opportunity to mend your credit with consistent, positive payments. Partner with our finance team and gain access to:

    - Affordable Pricing: Enjoy competitive prices and a wealth of information to guide your decision-making.
    - Credit Building: One of the best ways to build a solid credit score and profile is by consistently making your monthly payment on time.

Get Expert Financial Guidance

Have questions? Our finance experts are here to assist. From explaining debt-to-income ratios to navigating down payment options, we’re committed to helping you understand the ins and outs of financing. No matter your past financial challenges—be it bankruptcy, divorce, or repossession—we’re here to support your next steps.

But what if I am upside down on my trade in?

Not to worry our sales and finance team helps customers trade out of the mistake they made on a Used Car Lot during the vehicle shortage, and into a New or Certified Pre-Owned Nissans every day. We understand a trade in payoff balance is often the biggest hurdle to secure financing, but we are experts at overcoming that hurdle. Reach out today. We want to help you, and we will help you if you give us a chance.

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