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Welcome to the Bill Robertson Nissan Service Center

Every vehicle is an investment with inevitable repairs needed at some point. It is best to get it done right the first time with genuine parts to reduce the cost later. Our service department is experienced in providing routine maintenance on all Nissan models in Pasco, Kennewick, and Richland, WA, which means we can get you back on the road safely, and faster. Bill Robertson Nissan is happy to provide exceptional service to our customers.

Certified Dealership and Technician Benefits

By coming to our certified dealership, you know that your car’s maintenance is being done by professionals specifically trained for your make and model, and always have the best repair advice based on manufacturer recommendations.

We are here to provide our customers a peace of mind that any additional maintenance recommendations we have outside of the routine visit are genuine and in their best interest. Having your Nissan serviced by professionals using certified parts lessens the chances of unexpected issues later on.

Why Choose Bill Robertson Nissan?

Bill Robertson Nissan, we never use aftermarket parts, which are not up to factory standards.

  • Our certified technicians only use genuine Nissan parts to ensure the highest quality and long-lasting repairs for your car.
  • These parts come with a warranty to save you money on unexpected repairs down the road. You can acquire parts at our parts center to take home.
  • Nissan constantly updates their procedures and manuals and Bill Robertson technicians are always kept up to date with these and can provide you with the newest and best part for your car.
  • The new technology helps our technicians identify any faulty parts and repair it with the latest and best parts.

Signs You Need Service

As a car owner, it’s imperative you’re able to determine when service is needed. It’s always a great idea to consult your owner’s manual, so that you can have service performed on time. However, if you delay, you might notice signs such as:

  • Strange noises: your engine, brakes, transmission, etc. will make unusual noises if they’ve gone too long without service. Squealing, skipping, and banging sounds mean you should have a professional inspect your vehicle ASAP.
  • Burning smells: like strange noises, burning smells can come from multiple places. If you smell something burning, a component of your car is overheated. When it’s safe to do so, stop driving, let the car cool down, then come to our service center.
  • Difficulty starting: your fuel pump may need to be serviced or your battery is losing voltage.
  • Dim or flickering lights: when your headlights dim or your lights flicker, your battery is losing voltage. This could mean it either needs to be replaced or there’s corrosion buildup on the terminals you can wipe away.
  • Favoring one side of the road: your car will naturally drift slightly if you take your hands off the wheel for a few seconds. However, if it’s consistently favoring one side of the road, that could mean your tires are worn or the alignment is off.

Remember to pay attention to your dashboard warning lights. If they are red, yellow, or orange, you’ll want to bring your vehicle to us.

Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the key to keeping your car happy and healthy. When you have your car serviced on time, you’re extending its life. Additionally, you are ensuring the safety of your car, you, and your passengers. Regular maintenance can also save you money down the road, as a delay can cause damage to your car, meaning you’ll be on the hook for more expensive repairs.

Our technicians can help you come up with an easy-to-follow service plan. This way, you’ll know exactly when to bring your four-wheeled companion to us for the care it needs.

Nissan Service & Parts Specials

Throughout the year, our Nissan dealer can offer multiple service and parts specials to ensure you get everything you need on time. Our Service & Parts specials page will house multiple offers at one time, so make sure you’re checking out what’s offered whenever you’re looking to schedule service or pick up parts.

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Stop By the Service Center at Bill Robertson Nissan

Is it time for an oil change or brake replacement? In those cases and others, we hope you’ll trust our technicians at the Bill Roberston Nissan service center. Scheduling an appointment is simple; use our online scheduling platform or give us a call and we’ll get your car ready for the Pasco, Kennewick, and Richland, WA, streets again!

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