Wheel Alignment Service In Pasco, WA.

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Wheel Alignment Service In Pasco, WA

Premier wheel alignment services by Bill Robert Nissan serving Pasco, WA and the surrounding areas. We are a professional and clean facility that employs technicians that are trained with the latest technology to properly align your vehicle. We can align FWD, RWD, AWD, Trucks and any other type of vehicle. Using precise tools we are able to dial in your steering to perfect levels, making for a seamless driving experience - We will make sure your car's alignment is up to spec.


Why Your Car Needs A Tire Alignment Service?

Your car needs a wheel alignment to make sure certain suspension components are failing, and that they last as long as possible. By aligning your vehicle, you are making sure that your steering components last.

How Often Does Your Car Need A Wheel Alignment?

Your car could use an alignment every 6,000 miles, or whenever your steering feels irregular. If you get new wheels or tires, a wheel alignment is necessary. Age is also a factor and parts will loosen over time causing misalignment.

How Much Does A Wheel Alignment Cost?

Wheel alignment costs will vary from vehicle to vehicle, dependent upon drivetrain and vehicle style or size. FWD and RWD vehicles cost less to align, whereas AWD vehicles and trucks can cost more.

How Long Does A Wheel Alignment Take?

Wheel alignment services can last an hour or more, depending upon the vehicle. Size is a large factor, and AWD vehicle alignments take longer due to additional requirements. If your car has special requirements, let us know!

Get your wheel alignment performed by the professionals at Bill Robertson Nissan. We have the best techs with the most experience to perfect that alignment leaving it feeling new.

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